How Ivy Began: Jack and the Beanstalk

We thought it only fitting to make our first blog post about the origins of Ivy.

Matt used to be a very competitive Football and Rugby player, training himself and his friends to excel at those sports. He suffered a severe leg break in 2009, which ultimately stopped anymore competitive sport. His biggest passion away from competitive sports was fitness and training. Already having a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Matt took his training, and those he trained, a lot more seriously.

Becoming a very successful trainer, and starting to think about this as a career, Matt was encouraged to open his own facility.

He and his brothers were saving to try and put a deposit on a flat and get on the property ladder. They felt opening their own facility would be a more fun way to go! Their mother didn’t. She told them ‘No’!

So like all good sons, they went out, found a warehouse, invested everything they had into it, and went home to tell their mother they’ve rented a warehouse and will be living at home for a good few more years to come!

After a lot of swearing and comparing her sons to the foolish Jack and his magic beans, she eventually came round to the idea, and now trains at Ivy.

And why ‘Ivy’?

Matt and his family come from a council estate called Ivybridge, where they had the best childhood. They would play outsideĀ from sunrise to sunset, and without realising it, were training everyday. Playing games, spending hours on the climbing frames, racing, riding their bikes. The estate had a massive sense of pride and community about it – everyone would look out for each other.

This is what we want CrossFit Ivy to be about.


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