Case Studies

Nicki Saunders: 48, Day Nursery Director

“I was a member at David Lloyd for over 10 years. I never enjoyed working out. I only ever went as I felt like I should go. When I went, I wasn’t productive in the slightest. And the personal traini
ng was boring and expensive.

One session at Ivy, and I was hooked. For the first time I enjoyed a work out. I spoke with the people I trained with and found training partners at my first session.

The level of coaching is fantastic, as it’s just enough to think about and use. The level of encouragement from everyone in the building is inspiring. And the care taken by the coaches to make sure we don’t get carried away and all exercises are appropriate for us as individuals is perfect. Approaching 50, and I can honestly say I have never been fitter”.


Mel Langley: 26, ICT Project Manager

“I thought I enjoyed going to the gym and thought I was training in the correct way. Then I had a taster session at CrossFit Ivy.

The coaching, the programming, the atmosphere. I’m hooked. It has been such an experience, I have taken up CrossFit and Weightlifting up as a sport. In my 2 short years of being at Ivy, I have reached the English Championship finals for Olympic Weightlifting and the British Championship finals for CrossFit. It has become my sport and my passion.

After such a happy journey the past 2 years, I have been inspired to dip my toe into the coaching side of things, and share the same experience I have had”.


Sean Conlon: 31, Sales Consultant

“Going to normal gyms bored me. Nameless faces and egotistical guys in front of the mirror. Even doing the classes at normal gyms grew very tedius, very quickly. And after a short amount of time, would lack any challenge.

At Ivy, I’m confident I know 90% of everyone’s name. There are absolutely zero ego’s – only genuine support and help. And every session is enjoyable and challenging (it’s own weird way). We track all we do, so we have tangible progress (I never actually knew what I could lift before Ivy! Now I know what I could lift when I first joined, and how much more I’m lifting now!).

And we are always learning at Ivy – trying to master the Snatch and Clean and Jerk is slowly becoming an obsession!

Why regular commercial gyms still exist I don’t know.


Thomas Clare: 33 Fire Fighter (former elite level Rugby Union player)

“I have never enjoyed weight training as much as I have done at Ivy. And I have never made the fitness gains as much as I have at Ivy. If only I was here during my playing days!

Not only have I become stronger than I was when I was playing, I would bet my stamina wouldn’t be too far off from my playing days either (those long WoDs are a killer!).

Ivy has also introduced me to a new passion – Strongman. I’m incredibly proud to say I competed in my first Strongman competition – yoke carries, truck pulls and atlas stones – the lot.

I can not recommend the coaching, the facility and the environment enough. Literally perfect”.

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