Our CrossFit sessions revolve around strength and mobility work. We get you as strong as you can be, and as mobile as you can be.

Why do we have this focus? We believe strength and mobility are the two most important physical components of a person’s health. If we can get you mobile and strong, that will transfer across into everything you do – from improving a sport you play outside of Ivy or competing in CrossFit, to making your everyday life so much easier.

We squat, deadlift, press and pull in CrossFit sessions, and we go heavy.

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CrossFit sessions are also where you’ll find the infamous CrossFit WoDs.

WoDs can literally be anything, and we make sure they are what CrossFit is all about – constantly varied, functional, and intense!

WoDs are a great way to include additional skill and strength training in an enjoyable and measurable way.

They are also a great tool to track progress – giving you clear indicators on your fitness and if you are going faster, for longer or heavier.

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