Facilities and Equipment

Toys for Adults!

CrossFit Gyms are not like ordinary gyms. We have no treadmils, cross-trainers, or any other waste-of-time-and-space ‘cardio’ machines. We have a fully kited out facility of functional and real equipment.

Most commercial gyms will have 5 Olympic Weightlifting Barbells, for a membership base of upwards of 2,000 members. We’ve got 15 Barbells for a membership base of less than 150. We have 10 separate squat racks. Over 1,500kg of plates that can be dropped from overhead. Dozens of medicine balls, kettlebells and skipping ropes. Enough pull up bars to fit 17 people simultaneously. Oh, and climbing ropes, assault bikes, weighted vests, and plyometric boxes.

And that’s just the ‘CrossFit’ kit!

You’ll be able to find specialist Olympic Weightlifting equipment, such as; Jerk blocks, pull blocks, raised platforms, fractional plates and full size fractional plates.

Strongman specialist equipment? Of course we do; Yokes, Atlas Stones, Farmers Walk handles, Sleds, Ropes, Fat Gripz, 50kg Plates and Tractor Tyres.

Just don’t think we’ll be able to fit anymore in!