Ivy Fitness

Ivy Fitness

We are incredibly, incredibly proud of Ivy Fitness – our own fitness programme devised to be truly inclusive for all. A fitness programme born from the needs of our members.

We understand lots of people might not have the time to commit to a long-term strength programme. Or may not enjoy lifting heavy weights.

That’s where Ivy Fitness comes into play.

Small group sessions that have an electric atmosphere.

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The principles of keeping sessions constantly varied, intense, and functional still apply. And we are able to track our progress using our workouts.

We still have a focus of improving strength and mobility. But just in a slightly different way. We have more of a ‘Core Strength’ focus, rather than squatting or deadlifting heavy.

These are the sessions were you are more likely to find us use the kettlebells, battle ropes and slam balls instead of the barbells.

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