New to CrossFit?

You’ve never tried CrossFit?!

So what is CrossFit? And what is CrossFit Ivy?

To keep it simple, CrossFit is a way of training. A way of working out. A way to get yourself into the best possible physical, mental, social and emotional state you can achieve.

But CrossFit is so much more than this.

If it wasn’t, any commercial globo-gym can do what we do.

Firstly, all sessions are expertly coached. Coached and planned by a strength and conditioning professional.

Despite our sessions being small group sessions, all members follow an individual programme that they are coached through.

The programming at Ivy is uniquely structured to accommodate all that attend, and ensure progress is made by all – personalisation is key.

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At CrossFit Ivy, we run 3 different paths; CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting and Ivy Fitness.

All follow the same principles – train with different types of intensity, and train smartly.
All have the same goal – improve your life whilst enjoying your time training.
But they all do this in slightly different ways.

They are designed to make you the strongest and best possible version of yourself.

Sessions are constantly varied, intense and functional. They improve all aspects of your fitness in different ways.

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As well as this, we have a big team ethos at Ivy. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone becomes your training partner. We all support each others journey towards success and in their pursuit at being the best they can be.

And, to top it off, we also have an in-house Nutritionist and Masseuse, both of whom run regular clinics at Ivy.

New members are encouraged to come down and try our 3 different sessions, so they can decide exactly what they would like to do before joining us.

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